Leveraging Sustainability Practices

Alden Project Management is a strategic consulting agency focused on the analysis, monitoring, and reporting of sustainability business practices. Jonathan Alden Gregory, founder of APM, is a sustainability champion, successful entrepreneur, and organizational business consultant. Using a unique "Dig. Plant. Grow." professional growth model, he is motivated to create lasting relationships with one goal - "be not simply good - be good for something." With 10 years of field experience, he aspires to foster the next generation of socially and environmentally responsible individuals and businesses. Jonathan brings to his practice meaningful ways to engage, educate, and inspire people and their communities. 

  • For The Individual - personal and professional coaching
  • For Start-Up Operations- strategic business planning and community centric branding
  • For Small Operations- program development and organizational capacity building
  • For Established Operations - sustainability reporting and energy performance management


I offer personalized coaching for those seeking a career in the sustainability movement or just looking to gain clarity on their professional path.​​

I provide planning services for small businesses and non-profits that are hoping to put their sustainability-driven vision into practice.​​



For established businesses and non-profits, I conduct certified sustainability reporting and offer management of your energy performance.​​